School and Such

It's been a month since the start of school. Nothing much has been going on in my classes, but I have been busting my ass off on a data mining paper for submission to VLDB 2003. Hopefully it'll get in. Haven't played much games lately. For now, it looks like I'll never finish Metroid Prime. I have been playing a little bit of Counter-Strike, again. Hopefully, it won't get out of hand and take over my life, again.

I did get the Sony DRU 500A DVD writer last week. It's pretty sweet. Burns around 4.4GB in about 16 minutes. The only downside is that DVD media are so friggin' expensive. Burn a coaster and that's $3-4 down the drain. Been also on somewhat of a vinyl binge lately. Got some Youth of Today, Black Flag, Isis, etc. One of the Isis vinyls was a European edition limited to 125 copies. Pretty sweet.