Below is my music collection of CDs and vinyls. I stopped buying music sometime around 2008.

1!All-Time Quarterback!Self-TitledCD-LP
2(hed) p.e.(hed) p.e.CD-LP
3100 Demons100 DemonsCD-LP
4108Songs of SeparationCD-LP
55iveThe Hemophiliac DreamCD-LP
67 Angels 7 PlaguesUntil the Day Breathes and the Shadows FleeCD-EP
77 SecondsScream Real Loud...Live!CD-LP
8A Days Refrain vs. Neil PerrySplitCD-EP
9A Life Once LostThe Fourth Plague: FliesCD-LP
10A Manual DexteritySoundtrack Volume OneVinyl-12
11A Perfect CircleMagdalenaCD-EP
12A Perfect CircleMer de NomsCD-LP
13A Silver Mt. ZionHe Has Left Us Alone But Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corner of ...Vinyl-12
14A Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & tra-la-laThis is Our Punk-Rock, Thee Rusted Satellites Gather + SingVinyl-12
15A Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & tra-la-laBorn into Trouble as the Sparks Fly UpwardVinyl-10
16A Static Lullaby...And Don't Forget to BreatheCD-LP
17A Thousand Falling SkiesFrom Behind the ShadowsCD-LP
20AftershockThrough the Looking GlassCD-LP
21Aftershock vs. State CraftWhen Angels Shed Their Wings, Vol. 1Vinyl-7
22AgallochThe MantleCD-LP
23Agoraphobic NosebleedAltered States of AmericaCD-LP
24Agoraphobic NosebleedBestial Machinery (ANb discography vol 1)CD-LP
25Agoraphobic NosebleedPCP Torpedo/ANbRXCD-LP
26AlexisonfireWatch Out!CD-LP
27Alkaline TrioGoddamnit!CD-LP
28All Else FailedThis Never HappenedCD-LP
29All Out WarCondemned to SufferCD-LP
30All Out WarFor Those Who Were CrucifiedCD-LP
31Alli with an II Learned It by Watching YouCD-LP
32American FootballSelf-TitledCD-LP
33Amy BlaschkeSelf-TitledVinyl-7
34An AlbatrossWe Are The Lazer VikingCD-LP
35Anah AeviaRealise You're DeadCD-LP
36Anah AeviaStatistical and Diagnostic Manual of Mental DisordersCD-LP
38Anatomy of a GhostEvanesceCD-LP
39Andrew BirdAndrew Bird & The Mysterious Production Of EggsVinyl-12
40Andrew BirdArmchair ApocrychaVinyl-12
41AnnihilatorCarnival DiablosCD-LP
42Anti-FlagUnderground NetworkCD-LP
44Antonio VivaldiLe Quattro StagioniVinyl-12
45Antonio VivaldiThe Four SeasonsCD-LP
46Arch EnemyBlack EarthCD-LP
47Architecture in HelsinkiFingers CrossedCD-LP
48ArcturusAspera Hiems Symfonia Constellation My AngelCD-LP
49ArsonLacerate the SkyCD-LP
50As Friends RustWonCD-LP
51As I Lay DyingAs I Lay DyingCD-LP
52As I Laying Dying vs. American TragedySplitCD-EP
53AsherahBoutros Makes the BedCD-LP
54At the Drive-InRelationship of CommandCD-LP
55AtreyuSuicide Notes and Butterfly KissesCD-LP
56AtreyuThe CurseCD-LP
57AutechreDraft 7.30CD-LP
58AutechreTri Repetae++CD-LP
59Avenged SevenfoldSounding the Seventh TrumpetCD-LP
60Avoid One ThingSelf-TitledCD-LP
61Azure RayBurn and ShiverCD-LP
62Azure RayHold On LoveCD-LP
63Azure RayNovemberCD-EP
64Azure RayThe Drinks We Drank Last NightCD-EP
65Bad BrainsBad BrainsCD-LP
66Bad BrainsI Against ICD-LP
67Bad BrainsRock for LightCD-LP
68BaneFree to Think, Free to BeVinyl-7
69BaneGive BloodVinyl-12
70BaneGive BloodVinyl-12
71BaneHolding This MomentVinyl-7
72BaneHolding This MomentVinyl-7
73BaneHolding This MomentCD-LP
74BaneIt All Comes Down To ThisCD-LP
75BaneIt All Comes Down to ThisVinyl-12
77BaneThe NoteCD-LP
78BaysideSirens and CondolencesCD-LP
79Bear vs. SharkRight Now, You're in the Best of HandsCD-LP
80Bear vs. SharkTerrorhawkCD-LP
81Belle and SebastianDear Catastrophe WaitressCD-LP
82Belle and SebastianIf You're Feeling SinisterCD-LP
83Belle and SebastianPush Barman to Open Old WoundsCD-LP
84Belle and SebastianThe Boy with the Arab StrapCD-LP
85Belle and SebastianThe Life PursuitCD-LP
86BelliniSnowing SunCD-LP
87BelphegorLucifer IncestusCD-LP
88BelphegorPestapokalypse VICD-LP
89Between the Buried and MeBetween the Buried and MeCD-LP
90Between the Buried and MeThe Silent CircusCD-LP
91Beyond the Sixth SealEarth and SphereCD-LP
92BjorkDancer in the DarkVinyl-12
93BjorkGreatest HitsCD-LP
94Black FlagDamagedVinyl-12
95Black SabbathReunionCD-LP
96Black WidowsStops a Beating HeartCD-LP
97BlacklistedWe're UnstoppableCD-LP
98Blessing the HogsThe PoisoningCD-LP
99Blonde Redhead23CD-LP
100Blonde RedheadMisery Is A ButterflyCD-LP
101BlondieThe Best of BlondieCD-LP
102Blood for BloodSerenityCD-LP
103Blood for BloodWasted Youth BrewCD-LP
104BloodjinnLeave This World BreathingCD-LP
105BloodletThree Humid Nights in the Cypress TreesCD-LP
106Boards of CanadaGeogaddiCD-LP
107Boards of CanadaMusic Has the Right to ChildrenCD-LP
108Boards of CanadaTwoismCD-EP
109Bob MarleyThe Best of Bob MarleyCD-LP
110Bob MarleyThe Best of Bob Marley and the WailersCD-LP
111Bogus BlimpCords.WiresCD-LP
112BoldSpeak OutVinyl-12
113BoldThe Search: 1985 - 1989CD-LP
114BorisAmplifier WorshipCD-LP
116Boris with MerzbowSun Baked Snow CaveCD-EP
117BotchAmerican NervosoCD-LP
118BotchAn Anthology of Dead EndsCD-EP
119BotchThe John Birch Conspiracy TheoryVinyl-7
120BotchUnifying Themes ReduxCD-LP
121BotchWe Are the RomansCD-LP
122Botch vs. NineironspitfireSplit EPVinyl-7
123Bouncing SoulsLiveCD-LP
124Box the CompassRun The Easting DownCD-LP
125Boy Sets FireAfter the EulogyCD-LP
126Boy Sets FireLive For TodayCD-EP
127Boy Sets FireThe Day the Sun Went OutCD-LP
128Boy Sets FireTomorrow Come TodayCD-LP
129Boy Sets Fire vs. Shai HuludCrush Em' AllVinyl-7
131BraidLucky to be AliveCD-LP
132Brand New vs. Safety In NumbersSplitCD-EP
133BrandtsonDeath & TaxesCD-EP
134BrandtsonDial in SoundsCD-LP
135BrandtsonFallen Star CollectionCD-LP
137BrandtsonSend Us A SignalCD-LP
138BrandtsonTrying to Figure Each Other OutCD-EP
139BrazilA Hostage and the Meaning of LifeCD-LP
141Breaker BreakerOut of ServiceCD-EP
142Breathe InFrom This Day OnCD-LP
143Bright EyesCassadagaCD-LP
144Bright EyesCassadagaVinyl-12
145Bright EyesDigital Ash in a Digital UrnCD-LP
146Bright EyesDigital Ash in a Digital UrnVinyl-12
147Bright EyesFevers and MirrorsCD-LP
148Bright EyesFour WindsVinyl-12
149Bright EyesI'm Wide Awake, It's MorningCD-LP
150Bright EyesI'm Wide Awake, It's MorningVinyl-12
151Bright EyesLetting Off the HappinessCD-LP
152Bright EyesLifted or the Story is in the Soil Keep Your Ear to the GroundCD-LP
153Bright EyesLifted or the Story is in the Soil Keep Your Ear to the GroundVinyl-12
154Bright EyesMotion SicknessCD-LP
155Bright EyesSusan Miller RagVinyl-7
156Bright EyesThere Is No Beginning to the StoryCD-EP
157Bright EyesVinyl Box SetVinyl-12
158Broken Social SceneYou Forgot It in PeopleCD-LP
160Buried AliveLast RitesCD-LP
161Buried AliveThe Death of Your Perfect WorldCD-LP
162Buried Alive vs. Reach the SkySplit EPVinyl-7
163Burning BridgesPolitics of Dead FriendshipsCD-LP
164Burning HeadsEscapeCD-LP
165Bury Your DeadYou Had Me at HelloCD-LP
166CalibanShadow HeartsCD-LP
167CalibanThe Opposite From WithinCD-LP
168CamberAnyway, I've Been ThereCD-LP
169CamdenReel Time CanvasCD-LP
170Candiria300 Percent DensityCD-LP
171Cannibal CorpseThe Wretched SpawnCD-LP
172Carry OnA Life Less PlaguedCD-LP
173CaspianThe Four TreesCD-LP
174Cass McCombsNot the WayCD-EP
175Cattle DecapitationHumanureCD-LP
176Cattle DecapitationKarma Bloody KarmaCD-LP
177Cattle DecapitationTo Serve ManCD-LP
178Cave InJupiterCD-LP
179Cave InTides of TomorrowCD-EP
180Cave InUntil Your Heart StopsCD-LP
181ChallengerGive The People What They Want In Lethal DosesCD-LP
182ChampionCount Our NumbersCD-EP
183ChampionPromises KeptCD-LP
184Champion vs. BetrayedSplitCD-EP
185Charles BronsonComplete DiscocrappyCD-LP
186Chemical BrothersSurrenderCD-LP
187ChimairaPass Out Of ExistenceCD-LP
188Circle Takes the SquareAs the Roots UndoVinyl-12
189Circle Takes the SquareAs the Roots UndoCD-LP
190City of CaterpillarCity of CaterpillarVinyl-12
191Clann ZuBlack Coats & BandagesCD-LP
192Clann ZuRuaCD-LP
193Coal ChamberChamber MusicCD-LP
194Coal ChamberCoal ChamberCD-LP
195CoalesceGive Them RopeVinyl-12
196CodesevenThe RescueCD-LP
197Coheed and CambriaGood Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume OneCD-LP
198Coheed and CambriaIn Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3CD-LP
199Coheed and CambriaIn Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3Vinyl-12
200Coheed and CambriaThe Second Stage Turbine BladeCD-LP
201ColdYear of the SpiderCD-LP
202Comeback KidTurn It AroundCD-LP
203Comeback KidWake the DeadCD-LP
204ConvergeJane DoeVinyl-12
205ConvergeJane DoeCD-LP
206ConvergeNo HeroesVinyl-12
207ConvergeUnloved and Weeded OutVinyl-12
208ConvergeUnloved and Weeded OutVinyl-7
209ConvergeUnloved and Weeded OutCD-LP
210ConvergeWhen Forever Comes CrashingCD-LP
211ConvergeYou Fail MeVinyl-12
212ConvergeYou Fail MeCD-LP
213Converge vs. CoalesceAmong the Dead We Pray for LightVinyl-7
214Converge vs. CoalesceAmong the Dead We Pray for LightVinyl-7
215Converge vs. HellchildDeeper the WoundVinyl-12
216Converge vs. HellchildDeeper the WoundCD-EP
217Converge vs. HellchildDeeper the WoundVinyl-12
218CopelandBeneath Medicine TreeCD-LP
219Course of ActionCarving Our Way by Tearing Our FaithCD-LP
220CrawBodies for Strontium 90CD-LP
221CriteriaEn GardeCD-LP
222Cult of LunaSalvationCD-LP
223Cult of LunaSomewhere Along the HighwayCD-LP
224Curl Up and DieBut the Past Ain't Throught with UsCD-EP
225Curl Up and DieThe One Above All, the End of All That Is CD-LP
226Curl Up and DieThe One Above All, the End of All That IsCD-LP
227Curl Up and DieUnfortunately We're Not RobotsVinyl-12
228CursiveArt is HardVinyl-7
229CursiveArt Is Hard/The RecluseVinyl-10
230CursiveBurst and BloomCD-EP
232CursiveHappy HollowCD-LP
233CursiveThe Difference Between Houses and Homes Lost Songs and Loose Ends 1995-2001CD-LP
234CursiveThe Ugly OrganVinyl-12
236DamoneFrom the AtticCD-LP
237Dane CookHarmful If SwallowedCD-LP
238Dark TranquillityDamage DoneCD-LP
239Darkest HourHidden Hands of a Sadist NationCD-LP
240Darkest HourSo Sedated, So SecureCD-LP
241Darkest HourThe Mark of the JudasVinyl-12
242Darkest HourUndoing RuinCD-LP
243Darkest Hour vs. DawncoreSplitCD-EP
244Dashboard ConfessionalSo ImpossibleCD-EP
245Dashboard ConfessionalSummer's KissCD-EP
246Dashboard ConfessionalThe Places You Have Come to Fear the MostCD-LP
247DaughtersCanada SongsCD-LP
248DaughtersHell SongsCD-LP
249David CrossShut Up, You Fucking Baby!CD-LP
250Day of ContemptSee Through the LiesCD-LP
251Dead to FallEverything I Touch Falls to PiecesCD-LP
252Death Cab for CutiePlansCD-LP
253Death Cab for CutieSomething About AirplanesCD-LP
254Death Cab for CutieTransatlanticismVinyl-12
255Death Cab for CutieTransatlanticismCD-LP
256Death Cab for CutieWe Have the Facts and We're Voting YesCD-LP
257Death Cab for CutieYou Can Play These Songs with ChordsCD-LP
258Death From Above 1979Heads UpCD-EP
259Death from Above 1979You're a Woman, I'm a MachineCD-LP
260Death ThreatFor God and GovernmentCD-LP
261Death ThreatPeace & SecurityCD-LP
262DecahedronDisconnection ImminentCD-LP
263Decrepit Birth... and Time BeginsCD-LP
264DeerhoofApple O'CD-LP
266DeftonesAround the FurCD-LP
267DeftonesB-Sides & RaritiesCD-LP
268DeftonesChange [In the House of Flies]CD-EP
269DeftonesChange [In the House of Flies]CD-EP
271DeftonesDemos, Covers, Remixes, & Other ShitCD-LP
272DeftonesMaximum DeftonesCD-LP
273DeftonesSaturday Night WristCD-LP
274DeftonesWhite PonyCD-LP
275DeftonesWhite PonyCD-LP
276DeftonesWhite PonyCD-LP
277DeftonesWhite PonyCD-LP
279DenaliThe InstinctCD-LP
280Depeche ModeSingles 81-85CD-LP
281DevoGreatest HitsCD-LP
282DeVotchKaUna VoltaCD-LP
283DiecastDay of ReckoningCD-LP
284Dillinger Escape PlanCalculating InfinityCD-LP
285Dillinger Escape PlanIrony is a Dead SceneCD-EP
286Dillinger Escape PlanLive InfinityVinyl-7
287Dillinger Escape PlanMiss MachineCD-LP
288Dillinger Escape Plan vs. NoraSplitCD-EP
289Dimmu BorgirEnthroned Darkness TriumphantCD-LP
290Dirty ThreeHorse StoriesCD-LP
291Discordance AxisOriginal Sound VersionCD-LP
293Dismemberment PlanChangeCD-LP
294DntelThis Is the Dream of Evan & ChanCD-EP
295Do Make Say Think& Yet & YetVinyl-12
296Do Make Say ThinkGoodbye Enemy Airship the Landlord is DeadVinyl-12
297Do Make Say ThinkWinter Hymn Country Hymn Secret HymnVinyl-12
298Do Make Say ThinkYou, You're a History in the RustVinyl-12
299DogwoodMatt AragonCD-LP
302DownsetCheck Your PeopleCD-LP
303DownsetDo We Speak a Dead Language?CD-LP
304Dream TheaterAwakeCD-LP
305Dream TheaterLive Scenes from New YorkCD-LP
306Dream TheaterMetropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a MemoryCD-LP
307Dream TheaterOnce in a Live TimeCD-LP
308Dream TheaterTrain of ThoughtCD-LP
309Dreaming of the Fifth vs. EvelynnSplitCD-EP
310Dreams Forever DrowningEntire Parts Never to be Left IncompleteCD-LP
312Duran DuranElectri BarbarellaCD-EP
313E. Town ConcreteThe RenaissanceCD-LP
314EarthLiving in the Gleam of an Unsheathed SwordCD-LP
315Earth CrisisAll Out WarCD-EP
316Earth CrisisLast of the SaneCD-LP
317Earth CrisisOath that Keeps Me FreeCD-LP
318Earth CrisisSlitherCD-LP
319Eastern Youth365-Step BluesCD-LP
320Ed GeinIt's a Shame that a Family can be Torn Apart by Something as Simple as a...CD-LP
321Ed GeinJudas Goats & DieseleatersCD-LP
322El-PI'll Sleep When You're DeadCD-LP
323ElektrodieselThe Summer Sessions in D# [Let's Stay Together]Vinyl-12
324Element 101Stereo GirlCD-LP
325Elizabeth Anka VajagicStand with the Stillness of This DayVinyl-12
327EluviumLive at Empty Bottle, ChicagoCD-LP
328EmbodymentEmbrace the EternalCD-LP
329EmbodymentThe Narrow Scope of ThingsCD-LP
330Emerson, Lake & PalmerTarkusVinyl-12
331EmperorPrometheus - The Discipline of Fire & DemiseCD-LP
332Employer, EmployeeSic[sic]CD-LP
333Erik SatieAfter the RainCD-LP
334Eso CharisEso CharisCD-LP
335EsperantoPlay This AnywhereCD-EP
336EuphoneHashin' It OutCD-LP
337EverafterFading into BrightCD-LP
338Evergreen TerraceBuried Alive by TimeCD-LP
339Evergreen TerraceLosing All Hope is FreedomCD-LP
340Explosions in the SkyAll of a Sudden I Miss EveryoneCD-LP
341Explosions in the SkyAll of a Sudden I Miss EveryoneCD-LP
342Explosions in the SkyAll of a Sudden I Miss EveryoneVinyl-12
343Explosions in the SkyLive at Corral Room, Madison, WICD-LP
344Explosions in the SkyThe Earth is Not a Cold Dead PlaceCD-LP
345Explosions in the SkyThose Who Tell the Truth Shall DieCD-LP
346Eye 2 EyeSelf-TitledVinyl-7
347EyehategodSouthern DiscomfortVinyl-12
348EyehategodSouthern DiscomfortCD-LP
349Eyes Upon SeparationI Hope She's Having NightmaresCD-LP
351Facedown RecordsHow It All Got StartedVinyl-7
352FailureFantasic PlanetCD-LP
353FairweatherIf They Move...Kill ThemCD-LP
355Fall Out BoyFall Out Boy's Evening Out with Your GirlCD-LP
356FantomasDelirivm CordiaCD-LP
357FantomasDirector's CutCD-LP
359FarListening GameCD-LP
360FarMother MaryVinyl-7
362FarThe SystemCD-EP
363FarTin Cans with Strings to YouCD-LP
364FarWater & SolutionsCD-LP
365FarWater & SolutionsCD-LP
366Fatboy SlimYou've Come a Long Way, BabyCD-LP
367FaustFaust / So FarCD-LP
368Fear FactoryDigimortalCD-LP
369Fear FactoryObsoleteCD-LP
370First BloodFirst BloodCD-EP
371First BloodKillaforniaCD-LP
373Fly Pan AmSelf-TitledVinyl-12
374FreyaAs the Last Light DrainsCD-LP
375Friends in the MountainsDemoCD-EP
376FrodusWe Washed Our Weapons in the SeaCD-LP
377From Autumn to AshesToo Bad You're BeautifulCD-LP
378Fucking ChampsIVCD-LP
382Further Seems ForeverHide NothingCD-LP
383Further Seems ForeverHow to Start a FireCD-LP
384Further Seems ForeverPromoCD-EP
385Further Seems ForeverThe Moon is DownVinyl-12
386Further Seems ForeverThe Moon is DownCD-LP
387Further Seems Forever vs. Recess TheoryFrom the 27th StateCD-EP
389GarrisonMile in Cold WaterCD-LP
390GarrisonThe ModelCD-EP
391GenesisSelling England by the PoundCD-LP
392George Frideric HandelWater MusicCD-LP
393Give Up the GhostYear OneCD-LP
394Glass CasketWe Are Gathered Here TodayCD-LP
395GlasseaterEverything's Beautiful When You Don't Look DownCD-LP
396Glenn GouldBach: The Goldberg Variations 1955 Performance: Zenph Re-performanceSACD
397Godspeed You! Black Emperorf#a#8Vinyl-12
398Godspeed You! Black Emperorf#a#8CD-LP
399Godspeed You! Black EmperorLift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To HeavenVinyl-12
400Godspeed You! Black EmperorLift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To HeavenCD-LP
401Godspeed You! Black EmperorSlow Riot For New Zero KanadaCD-EP
402Godspeed You! Black EmperorYanqui U.X.O.Vinyl-12
403Godspeed You! Black EmperorYanqui U.X.O.CD-LP
404Gorilla BiscuitsGorilla BiscuitsCD-LP
405Gorilla BiscuitsLive 10/11/89, Het Bolwerk, Sneek, NLVinyl-7
406Gorilla BiscuitsSelf-TitledVinyl-7
407Gorilla BiscuitsStart TodayVinyl-12
408Grace for the FallenField of BloodCD-LP
409GradeHeadfirst Straight to HellCD-LP
410GradeThe Embarassing BeginningCD-LP
411GradeUnder the RadarCD-LP
412GrandaddyConcrete DunesCD-LP
413GrandaddyJust Like the Fambly CatCD-LP
415GrandaddyThe Sophtware SlumpCD-LP
416Gregor SamsaUntitled EPCD-EP
417Grey AreaFanbelt AlgebraCD-LP
418Guano ApesProud Like a GodCD-LP
419Gustav HolstThe PlanetsCD-LP
420Halo FriendliesGet RealCD-LP
421HamartiaTo Play the PastCD-LP
422Hands TiedSelf-TitledVinyl-7
424HangedupKicker in TowVinyl-12
425HarkonenShake Harder BoyCD-LP
426HastePursuit in the Face of ConsequenceCD-LP
427HasteWhen Reason SleepsCD-LP
429HatebreedRise of BrutalityCD-LP
430HatebreedSatisfaction Is The Death Of DesireCD-LP
431HatebreedUnder the KnifeCD-LP
432Have HeartThe Things We CarryCD-LP
433Hawthorne HeightsThe Silence in Black and WhiteCD-LP
435Heaven Shall BurnAntigoneCD-LP
436Heaven Shall BurnWhatever It May TakeCD-LP
437Helicopter HelicopterWild Dogs with X-Ray EyesCD-LP
439Hey MercedesSelf-TitledCD-EP
440High on FireBlessed Black WingsCD-LP
441Hilary HahnBach: Violin ConcertosCD-LP
442Hilmar Orn Hilmarsson & Sigur RosAngels of the UniverseCD-LP
443HimsaGround Breaking CeremonyCD-LP
444Holding OnQuestion What You Live ForCD-LP
446HoodsPray for DeathCD-LP
447HoodsTime...The DestroyerCD-LP
448HopesfallNo Wings to Speak Of...CD-EP
449HopesfallThe Satellite YearsVinyl-12
450HopesfallThe Satellite YearsCD-LP
451HopesfallThe Satellite YearsVinyl-12
452Horror ShowOur DesignVinyl-7
453Horse the BandR. BorlaxCD-LP
454Horse the BandThe Mechanical HandCD-LP
455Hot Hot HeatMake Up the BreakdownCD-LP
456Hot Rod CircuitIf It's Cool with You, It's Cool with MeCD-LP
457Hot Rod CircuitSorry About TomorrowVinyl-12
458How It EndsSo Shall It BeCD-LP
459HumYou'd Prefer an AstronautCD-LP
460Human LeagueGreatest HitsCD-LP
461Hundred EyesLittle EyesCD-EP
462Husking Bee4 Color ProblemCD-LP
463I Hate YouDiscography 1995-1998CD-LP
464If Hope DiesSiege Equipment for Spiritual DeclineCD-LP
465IgniteA Place Called HomeCD-LP
466In Dying DaysLife as a Balancing ActCD-LP
467In First PersonLost Between Hands Held TightVinyl-12
468In First PersonLost Between Hands Held TightVinyl-12
469In FlamesColonyCD-LP
470In FlamesReroute to RemainCD-LP
471In FlamesThe Jester Race / Black-Ash InheritanceCD-LP
472In FlamesTriggerCD-EP
473In My EyesNothing to HideCD-LP
476IncubusFungus Amongst UsCD-LP
477IncubusMake YourselfCD-LP
478IncubusNew SkinCD-EP
480IncubusWhen Incubus Attacks Vol. 1CD-EP
481Innocence Broken vs. Nodes of RanvierSplitCD-EP
483IntegrityIn Contrast of TomorrowCD-LP
484Into the MoatMeans by Which the End is JustifiedCD-EP
485Ion DissonanceSolaceCD-LP
486Iron & WineOur Endless Numbered DaysCD-LP
487Iron MonkeyIron MonkeyCD-EP
489IsisIn the Absence of TruthCD-LP
503IsisThe Mosquito Control EPCD-EP
504IsisThe Red SeaVinyl-7
505IsisThe Red SeaCD-EP
506It Dies TodayForever ScornedCD-EP
507J.S. BachBrandenburg Concertos 1-6CD-LP
508Jacqueline du Pré Saint-Saens; Dvořák: Cello ConcertosCD-LP
509JawboxFor Your Own Special SweetheartCD-LP
510JawbreakerDear YouCD-LP
511Jeff MangumLive at Jittery Joe'sCD-LP
512Jejune vs. LazycainSplit EPVinyl-7
513Jenny PiccoloDiscographyCD-LP
514Jerry SeinfeldI'm Telling You for the Last TimeCD-LP
518Jets to BrazilFour Cornered NightCD-LP
519Jets to BrazilPerfecting LonelinessCD-LP
520Jim GaffiganMore Moo-MoosCD-LP
521Jimmy Eat WorldSinglesCD-LP
522John BrowningJohn Browning Performs ScarlattiAAC-LP
523Johnny CashAmerican IV: The Man Comes AroundCD-LP
524Jonah MatrangaThere's a Lot in HereCD-LP
525Jordan RudessFeeding the WheelCD-LP
526JudgeNew York CrewVinyl-7
527JudgeWhat It Meant: The Complete DiscographyCD-LP
529KarateIn Place Of Real InsightCD-LP
530KarateSome BootsCD-LP
532KatatoniaViva EmptinessCD-LP
533KeelhaulKeelhaul 2CD-LP
534Kid DynamiteCheap Shots, Youth AnthemsCD-LP
535Kid GorgeousThis Feeling Gets OldCD-LP
536Kill HolidaySomewhere Between the Wrong is RightCD-LP
537Kill the Man Who QuestionsPigeon EnglishVinyl-7
538Kill Your IdolsFuneral for a FeelingCD-LP
539KillsadieXperiments in ExpectationCD-LP
540King CrimsonIn the Court of the Crimson KingCD-LP
545Knives OutHeartburnCD-LP
547KornFollow the LeaderCD-LP
549KornLife is PeachyCD-LP
550KoufaxHard Times are in FashionCD-LP
551KoufaxSocial LifeCD-LP
552KreatorViolent RevolutionCD-LP
553Kronos QuartetMugam Sayagi: Music of Franghiz Ali-ZadehCD-LP
555LabradfordE Luxo SoCD-LP
556LadytronLight & MagicCD-LP
557Last Day Parade vs. Lauren HospitalSplitVinyl-7
558Le Fly Pan AmCeux Qui Inventent N'ont Jamais Vecu (?)Vinyl-12
559Legends of RodeoA Thousand Friday NightsCD-LP
560Legends of RodeoSouth Atlantic HymnsCD-EP
561Lemon JellyLost HorizonsCD-LP
562Leonard BernsteinBrahms:Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No.2 In B Flat MajorCD-LP
563Leonard Bernstein and New York PhilharmonicRomantic Favorites for StringsCD-LP
564LifetimeJersey's Best DancersCD-LP
566LifetimeSomewhere in the Swamps of JerseyCD-LP
567Lightning BoltHypermagic MountainCD-LP
568Lightning BoltWonderful RainbowVinyl-12
569Limp BizkitSignificant OtherCD-LP
570Limp BizkitThree Dollar Bill Y'allCD-LP
571Little LeagueThrough Our Ears Through Our HeartsCD-LP
572Living SacrificeConceived in FireCD-LP
573Living SacrificeLiving SacrificeCD-LP
574Living SacrificeNonexistentCD-LP
575Living SacrificeThe Hammering ProcessCD-LP
576Love Lost But Not ForgottenUpon the Right, I Saw a New MiseryCD-LP
577LowThe Curtain Hits the CastCD-LP
578Lullabye ArkestraAmpgraveVinyl-12
579Lullabye ArkestraAmpgraveVinyl-12
580Luti-KrissThrowing MyselfCD-LP
581Machine HeadBurn My EyesCD-LP
582Machine HeadThe Burning RedCD-LP
583Machine HeadThe More Things ChangeCD-LP
584MadballN.Y.H.C. EPCD-EP
585Madder MortemDeadlandsCD-LP
586Madeleine PeyrouxCareless LoveCD-LP
589Man of the YearFuture Is Not NowCD-LP
590ManitobaUp in FlamesCD-LP
593Marilyn MansonAntichrist SuperstarCD-LP
594Marilyn MansonSmells Like ChildrenCD-LP
595Marilyn MansonThe Golden Age of GrotesqueCD-LP
596Martha WainwrightBloody Mother Fucking AssholeCD-EP
597Martha WainwrightI Will InternalizeCD-EP
598Martyr A.D.Human Condition In Twelve FractionsCD-LP
599Martyr A.D.On Earth As It Is In HellCD-LP
604MatmosSupreme BalloonCD-LP
605MatmosThe Civil WarCD-LP
607Meg BairdDear CompanionCD-LP
608MerauderFive Deadly VenomsCD-LP
611MidtownSave the World Lose the GirlCD-LP
612MilemarkerSatanic VersusCD-EP
613MineralThe Power of FailingCD-LP
614Minor ThreatComplete DiscographyCD-LP
615MinusHalld?r LaxnessCD-LP
616MinusJesus Christ BobbyCD-LP
617Minus the BearHighly Refined PiratesVinyl-12
618Minus the BearMenos El OsoVinyl-12
619Minus the BearMenos El OsoCD-LP
620Minus the BearThey Make Beer Commercials Like ThisCD-EP
621MisuraThe Subtle Kiss of a SledgehammerCD-LP
622Mitch HedbergMitch All TogetherCD-LP
623Mitch HedbergStrategic Grill LocationsCD-LP
625Modern Life Is WarMy Love. My Way.CD-LP
626Modern Life is WarMy Love. My Way.Vinyl-12
627Modern Life Is WarWitnessCD-LP
628Modest MouseGood News for People Who Love Bad NewsCD-LP
629Modest MouseThe Lonesome Crowded WestCD-LP
630Modest MouseThe Moon & AntarcticaCD-LP
631MogwaiMr. BeastVinyl-12
632MogwaiRock ActionCD-LP
633MonoAre You ThereVinyl-12
634MonoAre You ThereCD-LP
635MonoGone: A Collection of EP's 2000-2007Vinyl-12
636MonoNew York SoundtracksVinyl-12
637MonoOne Step More and You DieCD-LP
638MonoUnder the Pipal TreeCD-LP
639MonoWalking Cloud and Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered and the Sun ShinedVinyl-12
640MonoWalking Cloud and Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered and the Sun ShinedCD-LP
641Mono / PelicanSplitVinyl-12
642Monsters Are WaitingMonsters Are WaitingCD-EP
643Morning AgainHand of the MartyrCD-LP
644MorrisseyBeethoven was DeafCD-LP
646Most Precious BloodGotham CityCD-LP
647MovielifeThis Time Next YearCD-LP
648Mr. BungleCaliforniaCD-LP
649MumDusk LogCD-EP
650MumSummer Make GoodCD-LP
651Murray PerahiaBach: Goldberg VariationsCD-LP
652MxPxTen Years and RunningCD-LP
653My Bitter EndA Thin Line Between Heaven and HereCD-LP
654My Bloody ValentineIsn't Anything?CD-LP
655My Morning JacketIt Still MovesCD-LP
656NailbombCommercial SuicideCD-LP
657Naked RaygunThrob ThrobCD-LP
658NarcissusCrave and CollapseCD-LP
659NarcissusNewwave Techno HomicideCD-LP
662NehemiahThe Process of AsphyxiationCD-LP
663NeurosisThe Eye of Every StormCD-LP
664NeurosisTimes of GraceCD-LP
665Neutral Milk HotelIn the Aeroplane Over the SeaCD-LP
666New End OriginalThrillerVinyl-12
667New Found GloryPromoCD-EP
668Nientara vs. A Thousand Fall SkiesSplitCD-EP
669Night FallsThe One AM Radio & The Wind-Up BirdVinyl-12
670Nine Inch NailsAnd All That Could Have BeenCD-LP
671Nine Inch NailsBrokenCD-LP
672Nine Inch NailsFragileCD-LP
673Nine Inch NailsFurther Down the SpiralCD-EP
674Nine Inch NailsHead Like a HoleCD-EP
675Nine Inch NailsMarch of the PigsCD-EP
676Nine Inch NailsThe Day the World Went AwayCD-EP
677Nine Inch NailsThe Downward SpiralSACD
678Nine Inch NailsThe Downward SpiralCD-LP
679Nine Inch NailsWith TeethDVD-Audio
680Nine Inch NailsYear ZeroCD-LP
681No Innocent VictimFlesh and BloodCD-LP
682No Innocent VictimTipping the ScalesCD-LP
683No Redeeming Social Value40 Oz. of HardcoreCD-LP
684No WarningSelf-TitledCD-LP
685NoraDreamers & DeadmenCD-LP
686NoraLoser's IntuitionCD-LP
687Norma JeanBless the Martyr and Kiss the ChildCD-LP
688Not Waving But DrowningIf It's Too Cute Set It on FireCD-LP
690On Broken WingsSome of Us May Never See the WorldCD-LP
691On the Might of PrincesSirensCD-LP
692On! Air! Library!Self-TitledCD-LP
693Once And For AllWhere We BelongCD-LP
694One King DownGravity Wins AgainVinyl-7
695One King Down vs. Brother's KeeperWhen Angels Shed Their Wings, Vol. 2Vinyl-7
696One Minute SilenceBuy Now...Saved LaterCD-LP
697OnelinedrawingAlways New JulDec00CD-EP
698OnelinedrawingAlways New: Jan-Jun 2000CD-EP
699OnelinedrawingSketchy EP #1CD-EP
700OnelinedrawingSketchy EP #2CD-EP
701OnelinedrawingThe VolunteersCD-LP
703Onelinedrawing vs. Juliana Theory vs. Grey AMThree-Way SplitCD-EP
704Open HandThe DreamCD-LP
707OpethGhost ReveriesCD-LP
709OursDistorted LullabiesCD-LP
711Out to WinPersist and DestroyCD-LP
712OvercomeImmortal Until Their Work Is DoneCD-LP
714Paint It BlackCVACD-LP
715PanteraCowboys from HellCD-LP
716PanteraFar Beyond DrivenCD-LP
717PanteraOfficial Live: 101 ProofCD-LP
718PanteraReinventing the SteelCD-LP
719PanteraThe Great Southern TrendkillCD-LP
720PanteraVulgar Display of PowerCD-LP
721Papa RoachInfestCD-LP
722Pedro the LionControlCD-LP
723Pedro the LionIt's Hard to Find a FriendVinyl-12
724Pedro the LionWinners Never QuitCD-LP
726PeleRealize ItCD-EP
727PeleThe NudesCD-EP
729PelicanCity of EchosCD-LP
730PelicanThe Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the ThawCD-LP
731Peter FramptonFrampton Comes AliveVinyl-12
732Peter GabrielPlays LiveVinyl-12
733Pg. 99Document #11Vinyl-7
734Pg. 99Document #8Vinyl-10
735Pg. 99Document #8CD-LP
736Pg. 99 vs. Circle Takes the SquareDocument #13: Pyramids In ClothVinyl-7
737PiebaldIf It Weren't for Venetian Blinds It Would be Curtains for Us AllCD-LP
738PiebaldJust a Simple PlanVinyl-7
739PiebaldThe Rock Revolution Will Not Be TelevisedVinyl-10
740PiebaldWe Are the Only Friends We HaveVinyl-12
741Pig DestroyerPainter of Dead GirlsCD-LP
742Pink FloydThe Dark Side of the MoonSACD
744Planes Mistaken for StarsKnife In The MarathonCD-EP
745Please Inform the Captain This is a HijackSelf-TitledVinyl-12
746Poison the WellTear from the RedCD-LP
747Poison the WellThe Opposite of DecemberCD-LP
748Poison the WellYou Come Before YouCD-LP
749Porcupine TreeIn AbsentiaCD-LP
751Premonitions of WarLeft in KowloonCD-LP
752Premonitions of WarThe True Face of PanicCD-LP
753Pretty Girls Make GravesThe New RomanceCD-LP
754Project Hate MCMXCIXCybersonic SuperchristCD-LP
755Project RocketNew Years RevolutionCD-LP
756Project Rocket vs. Fall Out BoySplitCD-EP
757PropagandhiLess Talk More RockCD-LP
758PsyopusIdeas of ReferenceCD-LP
761RachmaninovPiano Concerto No.1CD-LP
762Radiation 4WonderlandCD-LP
765RadioheadKid ACD-LP
766RadioheadKid ACD-LP
767RadioheadOK ComputerCD-LP
768RadioheadPablo HoneyCD-LP
769Rage Against the MachineThe Battle of Los AngelesCD-LP
770Rainer MariaA Better Version of MeVinyl-12
771Rainer MariaAnyone in Love with You (Already Knows)CD-LP
772Rainer MariaEars RingCD-EP
773Rainer MariaHell and High WaterVinyl-7
774Rainer MariaLong Knives DrawnCD-LP
775Rainer MariaLook Now Look AgainCD-LP
777Reach the SkyFriends, Lies, and the End of the WorldCD-LP
778Reach the SkyOpen Roads and Broken DreamsCD-LP
779Reach the SkySo Far From HomeCD-LP
780Reaching ForwardComplete Discography: 1998 - 2000CD-LP
781Reagan YouthLive & RareCD-LP
782Reagan YouthVolume OneVinyl-12
783Recess TheoryThey Would Walk into the PictureCD-LP
784Red SparowesAt the Soundless DawnVinyl-12
785Red SparowesAt the Soundless DawnCD-LP
786Red SparowesEvery Red Heart Shines Towards The Red SunVinyl-12
787Red SparowesEvery Red Heart Shines Towards The Red SunVinyl-12
788Red SparowesEvery Red Heart Shines Towards The Red SunCD-LP
789Red SparowesOh Lord, God of Vengeance, Show Yourself!CD-LP
790RefusedThe Shape of Punk to ComeCD-LP
791RefusedThe Shape of Punk to ComeDVD-Audio
792Reggie & The Full EffectUnder the TrayCD-LP
793Remembering NeverShe Looks So Good in RedCD-LP
794Remembering NeverSuffocates My Words to YouCD-EP
795Return to ForeverRomantic WarriorVinyl-12
796Return to ForeverRomantic WarriorCD-LP
797Richard WagnerDie WalkureVinyl-12
798Rilo KileyMore AdventurousCD-LP
799Rilo KileyThe Execution of All ThingsVinyl-12
800Rilo KileyUnder the BlacklightCD-LP
801Rival SchoolsUnited by FateCD-LP
803RosettaThe Galilean SatellitesCD-LP
804RoyBig City Sin and Small Town RedemptionCD-LP
805RoyksoppMelody A.M.CD-LP
806Run Devil RunSinking DeeperCD-LP
808RushA Farewell to KingsCD-LP
810RushMoving PicturesCD-LP
811RushMoving PicturesCD-LP
812SalarymanThe Electric ForestCD-LP
813Saved by GraceFor What You Have DoneCD-LP
814Saves the DayCan't Slow DownCD-LP
815Saves the DayIn ReverieCD-LP
816Saves the DaySound the AlarmCD-LP
817Saves the DayStay What You AreCD-LP
818Saves the DayThrough Being CoolCD-LP
819Saves the DayUps & Downs: Early Recordings and B-SidesCD-LP
820Saving ThrowNever Race with TimeCD-LP
821Scale the SummitMonumentCD-LP
822Scars of TomorrowDesign Your FateCD-LP
823ScissorfightMantrapping for Sport and ProfitCD-LP
824ScissorfightPotential New Agent for Unconventional WarfareCD-EP
825Second ShotSeven Years Bad LuckCD-LP
826Secret Chiefs 3First Grand Constitution and BylawsCD-LP
827SelfmindeadAt the Barricades We FallCD-LP
830SepulturaBeneath the RemainsCD-LP
831SepulturaBlood RootedCD-LP
832SepulturaChaos A.D.CD-LP
833SepulturaDead Embryonic CellsCD-EP
834SepulturaMorbid Visions/Bestial Devastation ReissueCD-LP
837SepulturaUnder a Pale Grey SkyCD-LP
838Set Your GoalsSelf-TitledCD-EP
840Sex PositionsSex PositionsCD-LP
841Shadows FallOf One BloodCD-LP
842Shadows FallThe Art of BalanceCD-LP
843Shai HuludA Comprehensive Retrospective or: How We Learned to Stop Worrying and ...CD-LP
844Shai HuludHearts Once Nourished with Hope and CompassionVinyl-12
845Shai HuludHearts Once Nourished with Hope and CompassionCD-LP
846Shai HuludThat Within Blood Ill TemperedCD-LP
847Shai HuludThat Within Blood Ill TemperedVinyl-12
848Shai Hulud vs. Another VictimA Whole New Level of SicknessVinyl-12
849Shai Hulud vs. Another VictimA Whole New Level of SicknessCD-EP
850Shai Hulud vs. IndecisionThe Fall of Every ManCD-EP
851Sharks Keep MovingPause and PauseCD-EP
852Shattered RealmBroken Ties... Spoken LiesCD-LP
853Shiina RingoZe-chyou SyuuCD-EP
854Shmunks for YouI Can't Talk to the Walls Because They're Yelling at MeCD-LP
855ShockwaveThe Ultimate DoomCD-LP
856Shook OnesSixteenCD-LP
857ShutdownFew and Far BetweenCD-LP
858ShutdownSomething to ProveCD-EP
859Sick of It AllBuilt to LastCD-LP
860Sick of It AllCall to ArmsCD-LP
861Sick of It AllLife on the RopesCD-LP
862Sigur Ros()CD-LP
863Sigur RosHvarf/HeimCD-LP
864Sigur RosLive at the Icelandic Opera House, June 12th 1999CD-EP
865Sigur RosMed Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum EndalaustCD-LP
866Sigur RosSigur 1 / Sigur 9CD-EP
867Sigur RosTakk...CD-LP
868Sigur RosVonCD-LP
869Sigur Ros & Steindor AndersenRimurCD-EP
870Silent DriveLove is Worth ItCD-LP
871Silver Mt. ZionHorses in the SkyVinyl-12
872Simon SaysJump StartCD-LP
873Simon SaysShut Your BreathCD-LP
874Single UnitPassion Pirates and ParasitesVinyl-7
875Single UnitPassion Pirates and ParasitesVinyl-7
876Sir Richard BishopWhile My Guitar Violently BleedsCD-LP
877Skare TacticRemember WhenCD-LP
878SkarheadKings at CrimeCD-LP
879Skinny PuppyThe Singles CollectCD-LP
880SlapshotGreatest Hits, Slashes and CrosschecksCD-LP
882Sleep StationAfter the WarCD-LP
883Slick ShoesFar From NowhereCD-LP
884Slick ShoesSelf-TitledCD-LP
885Slick ShoesWake Up ScreamingCD-LP
889SnapcaseBright FlashesCD-LP
890SnapcaseDesigns for AutomationCD-LP
891SnapcaseEnd TransmissionCD-LP
893SnapcaseProgression Through UnlearningCD-LP
894Snapcase vs. Boy Sets FireSplit EPVinyl-7
895Snapcase vs. Boy Sets FireSplit EPVinyl-7
896SnotGet SomeCD-LP
897Snow DogsDeep Cuts, Fast RemediesCD-LP
898Society's FinestJourney... So FarCD-LP
899SoilworkA Predator's PortraitCD-LP
900Solient GreenPussysoulCD-LP
901Some GirlsAll My Friends are Going DeathCD-LP
902Some GirlsHeaven's Pregnant TeensCD-LP
903Some GirlsThe DNA Will Have Its SayCD-EP
904Some GirlsThe RainsVinyl-7
905Some Kind of HateSelf-TitledCD-EP
906Somehow HollowBusted Wings & Rusted HalosCD-LP
907Son, AmbulanceEuphemysticCD-LP
908Son, Ambulance vs. Bright EyesOh Holy FoolsCD-EP
909Sonata ArcticaEclipticaCD-LP
910Sonata ArcticaWinter Heart's GuildCD-LP
911Soul EmbracedFor the IncompleteCD-LP
912Soul EmbracedImmuneCD-LP
913Soul EmbracedThis is My BloodCD-LP
918SpitalfieldRemember Right NowCD-LP
919SpitalfieldThe Cloak & Dagger ClubCD-EP
920Spock's BeardSnowCD-LP
921SquarepusherDo You Know SquarepusherCD-LP
922SquarepusherHard Normal DaddyCD-LP
924St. VincentMarry MeCD-LP
926Star of Ashiter.viatorCD-LP
927Static-XWisconsin Death TripCD-LP
928StatisticsLeave Your NameCD-LP
929Stay GoldPills and AdviceCD-LP
930Steve VaiThe Elusive Light and Sound Vol. 1CD-LP
931Steve VaiThe Ultra ZoneCD-LP
932Still BreathingSeptemberCD-LP
933Stop It!!Self Made MapsCD-LP
934Strapping Young LadSYLCD-LP
935Stretch Arm StrongA Revolution TransmissionCD-LP
936Stretch Arm StrongEngageCD-LP
937Stretch Arm StrongFree At LastCD-LP
938Stretch Arm StrongIt Burns CleanVinyl-7
939Stretch Arm StrongRituals of LifeCD-LP
943StrifeIn This DefianceVinyl-12
944StrifeIn This DefianceCD-LP
945StrifeMy Fire Burns OnVinyl-7
946StrifeOne TruthCD-LP
947StrifeOne TruthVinyl-12
948StrifeTruth Through DefianceCD-LP
949Strike AnywhereChange is a SoundCD-LP
950Strike AnywhereExit EnglishCD-LP
951Student RickSoundtrack for a GenerationCD-LP
952Sufjan StevensSeven SwansCD-LP
953Sufjan StevensSongs for ChristmasCD-LP
954Suicide NoteYou're Not Looking So GoodCD-LP
955Sunn O)))Black OneVinyl-12
956Sunny Day Real EstateHow It Feels to be Something OnCD-LP
957Sunny Day Real EstateLiveCD-LP
958Sunny Day Real EstateSelf-TitledCD-LP
959Sunny Day Real EstateThe Rising TideCD-LP
960Superjoint RitualUse Once and DestroyCD-LP
961Sweatpant BonersCruisin' with the MastersCD-LP
962Symphony XThe New Mythology SuiteCD-LP
963System FailureCan You See the Dead?CD-LP
964System FailureConceptionCD-EP
965System FailureEPCD-EP
966System of a DownSystem of a DownCD-LP
967Tabula RasaSelf-TitledCD-EP
968TakaruThere Can Be Only NoneCD-LP
969Taking Back SundayTell All Your FriendsCD-LP
970Tantrum of the MuseModernmu$ickCD-LP
972Team SleepTeam SleepCD-LP
973Tegan and SaraThe ConCD-LP
974Ten Yard FightHardcore PrideVinyl-7
975TerrorAlways the Hard WayCD-LP
976TerrorLife & DeathVinyl-7
977TerrorLowest of the LowCD-LP
978TerrorOne with the UnderdogsCD-LP
979Texas is the ReasonDo You Know Who You AreCD-LP
980Texas is the ReasonSelf-TitledCD-EP
981Texas is the Reason vs. The Promise RingSplit EPVinyl-7
983The (International) Noise ConspiracyBigger Cages, Longer ChainsCD-EP
984The Abandoned Hearts ClubThe Initial Confessions of the Abandoned Hearts ClubCD-EP
985The Album LeafIn a Safe PlaceCD-LP
986The Album LeafOne Day I'll Be On TimeCD-LP
987The Album LeafSeal BeachCD-EP
988The AnniversaryDesigning a Nervous BreakdownCD-LP
989The Appleseed CastLow Level Owl 1CD-LP
990The Appleseed CastLow Level Owl 2CD-LP
991The Appleseed CastLow Level Owl VolumesVinyl-12
992The Appleseed CastMare VitalisCD-LP
993The Appleseed CastPeregrineCD-LP
994The Appleseed CastThe End of the Ring WarsCD-LP
995The AssistantWe'll Make the Roads by WalkingCD-LP
996The BeatlesAbbey RoadCD-LP
997The Blood BrothersAmbulance vs. AmbulanceVinyl-7
998The BronxSelf-TitledCD-LP
999The Cancer ConspiracySelf-TitledCD-EP
1000The CasualtiesDie HardsCD-LP
1001The Chase TheoryIn Pursuit of ExcellenceCD-LP
1002The ClashGive 'Em Enough RopeCD-LP
1003The ClashLondon CallingCD-LP
1004The ControlThe ForgottenCD-EP
1005The CureDisintegrationCD-LP
1006The CurePornographyCD-LP
1007The CureSeventeen SecondsCD-LP
1008The DiseaseDyslexic Experts in Reverse PsychologyCD-LP
1009The DistanceYour Closest EnemiesCD-EP
1010The ElectedMe FirstCD-LP
1011The Escape EngineCelebrity Role ModelCD-LP
1012The FaintDanse MacabreVinyl-12
1013The FaintDanse Macabre RemixesCD-LP
1014The FaintWet From BirthVinyl-12
1015The Fall of TroyDopplegangerCD-LP
1016The First StepOpen Hearts and Clear MindsCD-LP
1017The First StepWhat We KnowVinyl-12
1018The Flaming LipsAt War with the MysticsCD-LP
1019The Flaming LipsYoshimi Battles the Pink RobotsDVD-Audio
1020The Flaming LipsYoshimi Battles the Pink RobotsCD-LP
1021The Fucking ChampsVICD-LP
1022The Get Up KidsEudoraCD-LP
1023The Get Up KidsFour Minute MileCD-LP
1024The Get Up KidsGuilt ShowCD-LP
1025The Get Up KidsOn a WireCD-LP
1026The Get Up KidsRed Letter day and WoodsonCD-EP
1027The Get Up KidsSomething to Write Home AboutCD-LP
1028The HauntedMade Me Do ItCD-LP
1029The Hope Conspiracy vs. The Suicide FileSplitVinyl-7
1030The Hurt ProcessDrive By MonologueCD-LP
1031The Juliana TheoryEmotion is DeadCD-LP
1032The Juliana TheoryLoveCD-LP
1033The Juliana TheoryUnderstand This Is a DreamCD-LP
1034The KillersHot FussAAC-LP
1035The LashesIt's Your PartyVinyl-7
1036The LocustNew ErectionsCD-LP
1037The LocustWell I'll be a Monkey's UncleVinyl-12
1038The Locust vs. Melt BananaSplitVinyl-7
1039The Mahavishnu OrchestraBirds of FireCD-LP
1040The Mahavishnu OrchestraInner WorldsCD-LP
1041The Mahavishnu OrchestraThe Inner Mounting FlameCD-LP
1042The Mars VoltaDe-Loused in the ComatoriumCD-LP
1043The Mars VoltaDe-Loused in the ComatoriumVinyl-12
1044The Mars VoltaFrances the MuteCD-LP
1045The Mars VoltaFrances the Mute b/w The Widow (live)Vinyl-12
1046The Mars VoltaInertiatic EspCD-EP
1047The Mars VoltaInertiatic EspVinyl-12
1048The Mars VoltaLiveCD-EP
1049The Mars VoltaScabdatesCD-LP
1050The Mars VoltaTelevatorsVinyl-12
1051The Mars VoltaTremulantCD-EP
1052The MicrophonesThe Glow Pt. 2CD-LP
1053The Minus TideI Smell Blood and I Like What I SmellCD-LP
1054The Mountain GoatsSwedenCD-LP
1055The Mr. T Experience...And the Women Who Love ThemCD-LP
1056The Mr. T ExperienceAlca TrazCD-LP
1057The Mr. T ExperienceThe Miracle of ShameCD-EP
1058The MuffsSelf-TitledCD-LP
1059The Nationale BlueA Different Kind of ListeningCD-LP
1060The New AmsterdamsNever You MindCD-LP
1061The NotwistNeon GoldenCD-LP
1062The NowSelf-TitledCD-EP
1063The Number Twelve Looks Like YouNuclear. Sad. Nuclear.CD-LP
1064The Number Twelve Looks Like YouPut on Your Rosy Red GlassesCD-EP
1065The Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel TowerDissertation, HoneyCD-LP
1066The Polyphonic SpreeThe Beginning Stages of...CD-LP
1067The Polyphonic SpreeThe Fragile ArmyCD-LP
1068The Polyphonic SpreeTogether We're HeavyCD-LP
1069The Postal ServiceGive UpVinyl-12
1070The Postal ServiceGive UpCD-LP
1071The Postal ServiceSuch Great HeightsCD-EP
1072The Postal ServiceThe District Sleeps Alone TonightCD-EP
1073The Postal ServiceThe District Sleeps Alone TonightVinyl-12
1074The Postal ServiceWe Will Become SilhouettesVinyl-12
1075The Postman SyndromeTerraformingCD-LP
1076The PromiseMy True LoveCD-EP
1077The Promise Ring30 Degrees EverywhereCD-LP
1078The Promise Ring30 Degrees EverywhereVinyl-12
1079The Promise RingBoys + GirlsVinyl-7
1080The Promise RingElectric PinkCD-EP
1081The Promise RingFalsetto Keeps TimeVinyl-7
1082The Promise RingFalsetto Keeps TimeVinyl-7
1083The Promise RingNothing Feels So GoodVinyl-12
1084The Promise RingNothing Feels So GoodCD-LP
1085The Promise RingSelf-TitledVinyl-7
1086The Promise RingStop Playing GuitarCD-EP
1087The Promise RingThe Horse LatitudesCD-EP
1088The Promise RingVery EmergencyCD-LP
1089The Promise RingWoodwaterVinyl-10
1090The Promise RingWoodwaterCD-LP
1091The Red ChordFused Together in Revolving DoorsCD-LP
1092The Red Hot ValentinesSummer FlingCD-LP
1093The Reunion ShowKill Your TelevisionCD-LP
1094The RiseSignal to NoiseCD-LP
1095The Rocking Horse WinnerHorizonCD-LP
1096The ShinsChutes Too NarrowCD-LP
1097The SmithsBest of the Smiths, Vol. 1CD-LP
1098The SmithsBest of the Smiths, Vol. 2CD-LP
1099The SmithsLouder Than BombsCD-LP
1100The Snake The Cross The Crown'sMander SalisCD-LP
1101The Theory of Abstract LightThe Theory of Abstract LightCD-LP
1102The ThermalsMore Parts Per MillionCD-LP
1103The ThreadsFive Stabs to the ThroatCD-EP
1104The UnderwaterBleed Me BlueCD-LP
1105Thee Silver Mountain ReveriesPretty Little Lightning PawCD-EP
1106There Were WiresSelf-TitledCD-LP
1107These Arms Are SnakesEasterCD-LP
1108These Arms Are SnakesThe Lion Sleeps When Its Antelope Go HomeCD-LP
1109These Arms are SnakesThis is Meant to Hurt YouCD-EP
1110This Computer KillsThis Computer KillsCD-LP
1111This Day ForwardIn ResponseCD-LP
1112Through the Eyes of KatelynYour Role Model's DeadCD-LP
1114ThursdayFive Stories FallingCD-EP
1115ThursdayFull CollapseCD-LP
1116TinfedTried + TrueCD-LP
1118Tool10,000 DaysCD-LP
1120Training for UtopiaThrowing a Wrench into the American Music MachineCD-LP
1121Trial by FireRinging in the DawnCD-LP
1122Triple ThreatInto the DarknessVinyl-12
1123Triumph the Insult Comic DogCome Poop with MeCD-LP
1124Tura SatanaCity of Los AngelesCD-LP
1125Turing MachineA New Machine for LivingVinyl-12
1126TuskTree of No ReturnCD-LP
1127Ultimate FakebookBefore We SparkCD-EP
1128Ultra DolphinsWhy Are You Laughing?CD-EP
1130UlverLyckantropen ThemesCD-LP
1132UlverPerdition CityCD-LP
1133Under a Dying SunUnder a Dying SunCD-LP
1134UnderoathThe Changing of TimesCD-LP
1136UnearthThe Oncoming StormCD-LP
1137Unsilent ReignStrangers Amongst OurselvesCD-LP
1138Unsung ZerosMoments from MourningCD-LP
1139Until the EndLet the World BurnCD-LP
1140Until the EndSelf-TitledVinyl-7
1141Usurp SynapseDisinformationCD-LP
1142V.A.S.T.Music for PeopleCD-LP
1143Vanessa CarltonHarmoniumCD-LP
1144Various Artists... Dragging the Lake. IICD-LP
1145Various Artists...Dragging the LakeCD-LP
1146Various ArtistsA Testament to Broken WallsCD-LP
1147Various ArtistsAnticon: Music for the Advancement of Hip HopCD-LP
1148Various ArtistsBad Scene, Everyone's Fault; Jawbreaker TributeCD-LP
1149Various ArtistsBlack on Black: A Tribute to Black FlagCD-LP
1150Various ArtistsBring You to Your Knees - A Tribute to Guns N' RosesCD-LP
1151Various ArtistsDeathwish Singles Collection Number OneVinyl-7
1152Various ArtistsDirt Road CompilationCD-LP
1153Various ArtistsFor the MassesCD-LP
1154Various ArtistsGeology: A Subjective Study of Planet ECD-LP
1155Various ArtistsHappy Happy Birthday to Me Volume 2CD-LP
1156Various ArtistsHow Soon is Now? The Songs of the Smiths by ...CD-LP
1157Various ArtistsLife on Another PlanetCD-LP
1158Various ArtistsMulholland DriveCD-LP
1159Various ArtistsNever Give In: A Tribute to Bad BrainsCD-LP
1160Various ArtistsNYC TakeoverCD-LP
1161Various ArtistsPunk Goes AcousticCD-LP
1162Various ArtistsPunk Goes PopCD-LP
1163Various ArtistsRevelation 100: A Fifteen Year Retrospective of Rare RecordingsVinyl-12
1164Various ArtistsRock MusicVinyl-12
1165Various ArtistsThe Worldwide Tribute to the Real OiCD-LP
1166Various ArtistsThe Worldwide Tribute to the Real OiCD-LP
1167Various ArtistsThis is Solid State Vol. 1CD-LP
1168Various ArtistsThis is Solid State Vol. 2CD-LP
1169Various ArtistsThis is Solid State Vol. 3CD-LP
1170Various ArtistsTooth & Nail Records 80s TributeCD-LP
1171Various ArtistsTriadVinyl-7
1172Various ArtistsUnder the InfluenceCD-LP
1173Various ArtistsVagrant Records: Another Year on the StreetsCD-LP
1174Various ArtistsVictory Style 4CD-LP
1175Various ArtistsVictory Style IIICD-LP
1176Various ArtistsWhat Still Holds TrueVinyl-7
1177Various ArtistsWords to Live by, Words to Die byVinyl-7
1178Velocity EngineVersion 1CD-LP
1179Vision of DisorderFrom Bliss to DevastationCD-LP
1180Vision of DisorderImprintCD-LP
1181Vision of DisorderVision of DisorderCD-LP
1182VomitoryRevelation NauseaCD-LP
1183Walls of JerichoAll Hail the DeadCD-LP
1184Walls of JerichoThe Bound Feed the GaggedCD-LP
1185WarzoneThe Victory YearsCD-LP
1187WaterdownNever Kill the Boy on the First DateCD-LP
1188WaterdownThe Files You Have on MeCD-LP
1189WeezerMake BelieveCD-LP
1194Where Eagles DareIn A Thousand Words or LessCD-EP
1195Where Eagles DareTo Come From NowhereCD-LP
1196Where Fear and Weapons MeetControlCD-EP
1197Where Fear and Weapons MeetThe WeaponCD-LP
1198Will HavenEl DiabloCD-LP
1199Will HavenWHVNCD-LP
1200William Basinski2062CD-LP
1201William BasinskiThe Disintegration Loops ICD-LP
1202William BasinskiThe Disintegration Loops IIICD-LP
1203William BasinskiVariations for Piano & TapeCD-LP
1204WindsReflection of the ICD-LP
1205With HonorHeart Means EverythingCD-LP
1206Wolf EyesBurned MindCD-LP
1207Wow, Owls!Pick Your PatternsCD-LP
1208xDisciplex A.D.Heaven & HellCD-LP
1209xDisciplex A.D.Heaven & HellVinyl-12
1210xDisciplex A.D.The RevelationCD-LP
1211xLooking ForwardxWhat This Means to MeCD-LP
1215You & IDiscographyCD-LP
1216Your Enemies' FriendsThe WiretapCD-EP
1217Youth of TodayBreak Down the WallsVinyl-12
1218Youth of TodayCan't Close My EyesCD-LP
1219Youth of TodayLive at Van Hall, Amsterdam, 1989Vinyl-7
1220Youth of TodaySelf-TitledVinyl-7
1221Youth of TodayWe're Not In This AloneVinyl-12
1222ZaoAll Else FailedCD-LP
1223ZaoAll Else FailedCD-LP
1224ZaoAll Else FailedCD-LP
1226ZaoLiberate Te Ex InferisCD-LP
1227ZaoParade of ChaosCD-LP
1229ZaoThe Fear Is What Keeps Us HereCD-LP
1230ZaoThe Funeral of GodCD-LP
1231ZaoThe Splinter Shards the Births of SeparationCD-LP
1232ZaoWhere Blood & Fire Bring RestCD-LP
1233Zao vs. OutcastSplit EPCD-EP
1234Zao vs. Through and ThroughTreadwaterVinyl-7
1235Zao vs. Training for UtopiaSplit EPCD-EP
1236Zeena ParkinsNightmare AlleyCD-LP
1237ZyonThe Wishing StarCD-LP