Facebook vs. Flickr vs. 500px

About a year and half ago, I decided to ditch Flickr as my primary method of picture sharing online. Since more and more of my friends were using Facebook exclusively for everything, I started to post all pictures to Facebook.

I could tag people, places, things, etc. My photos were getting comments from friends rather than strangers. And although the Facebook picture viewing experience sucked back then, I decided the pros outweighed the cons.

Fast forward to now. I'm still on Facebook but I'm feeling the pains. Album, set, tag management in Facebook is nonexistent. There are many bugs, especially when photos are put into albums. Though the actual picture viewing experience has been improved, everything else is still pretty old.

In addition, I'm starting to miss the occasional comment from a stranger on my photos. I needed another way to share my photos.

So, I looked around and 500px seemed like the "in" thing. It looks like a more beautiful Flickr with less random photos.

I posted a few random photos on there, and voila, there were comments almost instantly! But as I looked further, it was basically a circle jerk within 500px to promote each other. None of the comments were actually useful.

So now I'm lost again. Should I just live with Facebook? Should I try out 500px a little more? Should I go back to Flickr? Should I give Google+ a try?