Back in the Hoopla

I watched Silent Hill over the weekend. Pretty good as an adaptation of the video games but not as good as a stand-alone movie. I played all the SH games and thought the movie got the atmospheres and plots almost spot-on. Many of the camera angles were lifted right out of the game. The plot was basically Silent Hill 3. The movie was confusing just like the games. And the ending could also be seen as a nod to the game endings.

Also been listening a lot to the new Saves the Day. I was thinking about them in my car today. I think they're one of the very few bands that have changed their sound and released albums that I've consistently liked over the years. I think this new one is their fifth; the oldest was probably from the late 90s. Also, out tomorrow is the new Tool. I'm not really a Tool fan but am curious nonetheless.

I've also started to post some photos from my China trip. It's gonna take me a while to sort through them all though.