Face the Hoopla

March Madness is here! Every year I don't pay much attention to the games and rankings until about a week before the conference championships. This year I watched more Illini games than usual but not much else until this past week. In the past couple of days, there were some very exciting conference tournament games in the ACC, Big Ten, Big East, etc. And now I'm all pumped up for the big dance. Still haven't completed my brackets yet; have to do some further thinking...

Baseball season is just around the corner, too. To get in the spirit, I got ESPN MLB 2K5 for the Xbox. After playing a few games, I still feel 2K3 was better, 2K4 totally sucked. Maybe I'll give EA's MVP a chance one of these days.

Currently listening to: Ozma - ``The Doubble Donkey Disc'' (so what if they sound like Weezer!)