Go Pistons!

Been back from China for about a week, and things have never been busier. After finishing off the VLDB 2004 camera-ready version, I am (and will be until July 1st) working feverishly on an ICDE 2005 submission. ICDE '05 will be held next April in Tokyo, Japan. That would be awesome to go.

[Sony Ericsson T616]

Seen above is my brand new phone! (The background image is an illustration from Battle Royale). The Sony Ericsson T616 is one awesome phone. Aside from the colorful display, camera, and small size, it's got Bluetooth to transfer files wirelessly and also remotely control my Mac Powerbook. I also bought a new digital camera, the Canon S410. Quite an upgrade from my previous A40.

Some unfortunate news? My TiVo broke.  [cry]  One of its hard drives broke, and I had to send both of them in for service. Now I'm totally lost on TV. The Sopranos had its season finale this past Sunday. Fairly anti-climatic. This whole season was weak.

Oh yea, one of my websites, InStrife.com, has recently started its own IRC channel, again. I didn't create it; someone from its board did. All previous attempts at this have failed. But this time, it's gotten a fair amount of traffic and maintained it for over a week! Visit it at #instrife onirc.gamesurge.net. It's got trivia if you're into that sorta thing. I'm propheci on there.

Currently listening to: Various Artists - "Punk Goes Pop".