I've been offered an internship this summer at Google. Not exactly sure what I'll be working on; but I'm excited nonetheless. So it looks I'll be making the trek out to California again this summer. Will probably start around mid-May.

Starting today I'm running an experiment with my sound system. I'm going to listen to the same album on 3 different formats to see what the differences are. I guess the right way to do this is to listen through the entire album and switch; not just switching back-and-forth in the middle. The 3 different formats are vinyl, CD (on the Sony Discman 311), and FLAC (on the LiTe DAC-Ah). And the album? Godspeed You Black Emperor! -- f# a# ∞. I figured that one has a good range of sounds. I'll probably also try it with the Red Sparowes album; more of a metal sound.