Hey Everybody! It's Bob and David!

I've been watching quite a bit of the Mr. Show DVDs I got recently. Amazing to see current-day famous comedians and sketches on there. I think in recent years, sketch comedy has become a dying art with SNL going down the tubes. MadTV has had some funny ones but they still lack the smart writing Mr. Show or Kids in the Hall had.

I recented the new Ninja Turtles game the other day. Boy is that boring. I played about an hour and just couldn't get myself to continue. The lack of a strong story and the repetitive button-mashing gets old, fast. But there are a few games to look forward to. True Crime comes out next week. Project Gotham Racing 2 is soon. And Fatal Frames 2 is coming out this month, too.

Current playlist: Khanate - "Things Viral". Hooray for doom metal!