House Cleaning

I've been doing some house cleaning this past week. I sold the XBox and Gamecube to EB today. Only got $25 for the Gamecube; what a ripoff. I'm keeping the PS2 for now though. Gotta have something. I also put down my pre-order for the XBox 360 and Project Gotham Racing 3 a while back. Can't wait for that.

Also being sold on EBay right now is my 12" Powerbook. I upgraded to the new 15" Powerbook last week. It's a much better model. The new higher res screens make a huge difference. I don't know how I lived with the 12" the past couple of years.

Other cool things I got recently include the new Star Wars DVD (what the hell, it was cheap), new Office Space special edition package (sorta cool), Arrested Development DVD (awesome), WNYX mug (totally awesome!).