I Miss Rain

I'm driving through Nevada and Utah today and look what I run into.. Rain! Living in LA this entire summer, I haven't seen a single drop of rain. I never thought I'd actually miss it, but weeks and weeks of straight sunshine actually got a little annoying. Now that I'm in the midwest, I can finally get some variety in weather. That and paying only $2.40 for gas.

One thing I will miss about LA is the amount of concerts on a weekly basis. Last week, I got the chance to see Red Sparowes and Pelican. Both of them put on amazing shows. The Red Sparowes album was standing firmly in my top 10 of this year, and seeing them live just reaffirmed that spot.

Currently listening to: Sigur Ros - ``Takk''. This album is out Sept. 15th and it is absolutely wonderful. I got tickets to see them in late Sept. Can't wait.