iPod Nano

Last week around this time I was paying close attention to the Apple press event in San Francisco. Once Steve Jobs announced the iPod nano, my credit card was out. And today, the FedEx guy dropped it off. The nano is by far the slickest MP3 around. It's so small that I feel like I'll break it in half if I'm not careful. The color screen is very nice, too. It makes my iPod mini look like ancient technology. The only complaints I have so far are the lack of firewire support and the difficulty in removing the computer connection cable when the earphones are plugged in.

Got a bunch of concerts and shows upcoming up. Some of them actually require some long distance travel. This week, Minus the Bear, Sufjan Stevens, and Xiu Xiu are playing shows here. Sufjan and Xiu Xiu are playing on the same night; I'm hoping I can catch both shows, unlikely though :-( The Sufjan show should be awesome since the theme is Illinois; I've heard that they dress up in Illini cheerleading outfits. And then this weekend, I'll be seeing comedian Jim Gaffigan. I really got into his stuff this summer; definitely one of the top 5 comedians around these days.

And then next week, my roommmate Gio and I are going to see Seinfeld in Chicago and Sigur Ros in Madison. Both of those should be awesome. Seinfeld is my all-time favorite comedian and show.

Currently listening to: Slowdive - ``Souvlaki''. This is classic showgazing from 1993.

p.s. Football is back! My Huskers scored 3 defensive touchdowns. Ohio St. lost. Michigan lost. Green Bay lost. Eagles just lost. Bears almost won. Good stuff.