Ouch Owie Ow

Went snowboarding this past weekend for the first time at Wilmot Mountain. Never realized how much fun it was to fall on my ass every couple of minutes. I think I got a whiplash from falling on the rope tow. All in the name of fun though. Hopefully I can continue going on some regular basis. I've been playing Project Gotham Racing 2 (XBOX) quite a bit lately. Find me online as propheci. Saw some good movies over winter break. 21 Grams and Gozu jump out as the favorites. And lastly, been reading Al Franken's book, ``Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them.'' That is a damn good book. Funniest line so far?

``But, you know what, I don't want to get into a while partisan politics thing here. Not in this book, anyway. We'll leave that for my next book, I Fucking Hate Those Right-Wing Motherfuckers!, due out in October 2004.''

The semester is about to start and that means work towards a VLDB 2004 submission. Time is super-tight this time but I think I can pull it off. My class schedule for the spring semester has been updated.

Recent playlist favorite: Horse the Band - ``R. Borlax''.