Rush 2112 x 2 = 4224

I just found out that, for the first time ever, I've bought an album that I already owned. This past weekend, I picked up Rush's 2112 at Amoeba. It was an used cheap copy so I thought what the hell. But now, checking my database, I apparently already own a copy of that. No wonder when listening to the album in the car, I had a suspicious feeling that I had heard it before. At the time, I just figured that I heard it at a friend's house or something since it's a pretty popular album.

I've only done this once before and that was intentional. I had ordered a copy of Frodus' album online and saw it that same day at a local store. I didn't feel like waiting and bought it at the store. Such a waste. I've also bought albums that record labels have already sent me for review. But I was too lazy to open their packages to realize that. That's happened quite a few time actually.

What I really need is access to my music database at the store (and also quick access to Amazon prices!). I suppose I could've used my phone to search it online, but that would have been painfully slow. O well. I have a feeling this won't be the last time.