So Close to Hating Apple

So the other day I finally set aside some time to upgrade to Tiger on my Powerbook. I backed up all my personal stuff first. When it came to the iTunes folder, I figured I should be able to just download them again. So I promptly skipped it.

Fast forward to a day later when I tried to get all my iTunes purchases. After reading some tech support articles, it turns out that I can only download them once! Panic sets in. After checking through my order history, I had over $400 worth of purchases on there! I quickly sent an email to the iTunes people only to receive a canned answer that made me feel really, really mad. So I sent another email. This time, some wonderful support person was able to let me download them all again. Hooray! Long story short, backup your iTunes purchases.

Saw Star Wars last Thursday at Arclight Hollywood. Pretty good movie; although I felt the story was pretty shallow. But I guess there really isn't much freedom anyway since the ending is fixed.

I've been getting myself familiarized with the Valley. It's actually quite simple since everything is on a grid. In the mean time, here's a picture of my drive to work.

I've been noticing that in almost all my outdoor pictures (such as the one you see above), the sky is totally washed out. In reality, it was pretty blue. But this should be fixed once I get my polarizing filter.