Spring Time

Finally got my iPod mini yesterday. Very slick. It's a little bit longer than I'd like it, but I guess you can't have everything. So far, I've listened to nothing but Shiina Ringo on it. I was only recently introduced to her works, but I'm quickly getting hooked. The Weezer re-release of the Blue Album came out. Nothing too special as I had most of the b-side tracks already. The DVD is pretty sweet though. Same for the Rainer Maria live DVD I got recently.

Speaking of music, I was trying to deduct my music expenses against my websites' revenue for my 2003 taxes. After going through all my receipts, I discovered I spent about $1600 on CDs and vinyls last year. A little scary... But it's a good thing since I owe about $700, without the deductions, to the IRS.