The Rose Has Teeth in the Mouth of a Beast

Been a while since the last post; a lot has been going on. I went up to Seattle a while ago and visited some friends. We hiked in Mt. Rainier, went up the Space Needle, and kayaked in the ocean. Also went to some baseball games, including A's vs. Red Sox, Giants vs. Padres. Saw Bonds hit 722 and also Sox whip the A's. That was before the Sox got into their recent downward spiral. One of the guys I went with caught a foul ball off Varitek; that was pretty cool. And this past Friday, I went to the 49ers vs. Bears pre-season game. Man, Bears offense sucked. Grossman needs a lot of practice.

Yesterday, I went up to Point Reyes for a photography class. It was called photography life from under a foot (or something like that). Basically, the idea is to shoot from really low and it brings out better angles. We talked about techniques in the classroom for 3 hours and then went in the fields for another 3-4. I even crawled in the fields and got some macro shots of flowers and butterflies. Posted some pictures of that trip and lots more here.

And today, I went to the Bleeding Edge Festival at the Montalvo Arts Center. It's a really cool venue in the middle of the woods. There were 4 stages and various other installations on the trails. And of course, the music was good, too. It was a mix of noise, pop, minimalist stuff; all experimental. I got to see William Basinski, Matmos, Isis, and lots more. The highlight was probably Matmos with Zeena Parkins. Isis was missing 2 people so they just did a thing with Tim Hecker. Above is a picture of rose pedals (yes, rose pedals were used as an instrument) during the Matmos set. I'll post more pictures here when I get time to go through them.