Two Is Better Than One

The picture below speaks for itself. I got two Dell 17" LCDs recently and now they're working nicely in a dual-head setup. Running dual-head in X sorta sucks. Right now I'm using the "Big Desktop" option provided by the ATI drivers, but the WM (Fluxbox) isn't aware of the two screens. So a window will maximize over both screens, my GDM login prompt is split in the center, etc. The other option to run separate X sessions on the two screens; maybe I'll try that out someday.

So Bush won re-election. We've got four more years of right-wing tyranny in front of us. Perhaps it's time to move. On the brighter side, Halo 2and Half-Life 2 are coming out in the next two weeks. GTA: San Andreas came out last week. Pretty good time to be a gamer. I also recently got all Gold metals in Project Gotham Racing 2. Proudest achievement in recent memory. I've put over 140 hours and 7000 miles into that game. Amazing.

Currently listening to: Squarepusher - ``Big Loada''