Your Skull is Red

So I got to see Team Sleep for the first time ever last night. Was it worth the 5-year wait? Definitely. Although I think the band has yet to reach their potential. I wonder if Chino will continue to do Team Sleep or go back to the Deftones for another full-length. I'll be satisified as long as he does something. Before that, I also saw Zao and Darkest Hour. Zao is not really Zao in my eyes without Jesse. Darkest Hour was good though. I really like their new album. Next up, I got The Mars Volta next week, Pelican and Red Sparowes the week after. Koufax is also playing here soon; I didn't even know they were still around. Apparently they got a new full-length. Out of all those bands, I'm probably most excited about Red Sparowes. Their full-length is in my top 10 if not higher of 2005.

Alex was in town the past few days so we did a bunch of crap. Went to Six Flags Magic Mountain on Sunday with some other people. It had a couple of cool rides. The Extreme or whatever it was called was probably the best. Then hung out at Santa Monica, Venice Beach, and Malibu. Saw a shark, couple of seals, and a bunch of other cool stuff. Also did the Paramount Studio tour yesterday. I didn't see anyone famous at the studio but I did see Richard Kind walking on Venice Beach. Fox was shooting some TV show there; I wonder if he was in that.

O yea, I also broke the 900 mark on my CD collection size. I think the 900th purchase was the new Bold discography. Good CD.

Currently listening to: Tears for Fears - "Greatest Hits"