I Like the Metal

So I've been working pretty much non-stop on my CS 448 Torpedo project. It's been coding all day and training all night. I had initially tried genetic algorithms but soon gave up after seeing no convergence. Now I'm on reinforcement learning; hopefully that'll work out better. The results I've been seeing have been encouraging.

Last week, I got my new PDA, the Sharp Zaurus. I also ordered an 802.11b CF card for it so I can use it to check email and stuff pretty much anywhere. Should be really neat. The thing runs on Linux so the possibilities are endless. But first I need some free time to figure out how to sync the damn thing. I also got Colin McRae Rally 3 for the Xbox last week. Haven't played a driving game extensively for a while (the last thing I played seriously was Sega GT I guess). So it's taking a while to get accustomed to the physics. The game's supercool though.

And finally, I've been getting lots of good music. The new re-recording of Zao is out. So's the new Soul Embraced. Also got a bunch of other cool releases. See my brief reactions if you care. O yea, last thing. Da Ali G show on HBO! Watch it and laugh your face off.