Summer is Now

Finally finished my last final project yesterday and now summer vacation is in full swing, sort of. I got a nice little job at the NCSA for the summer. My project will be to classify a bunch of emails. Looks like I'm finally going to have a chance to apply all these machine learning techniques I've been learning. I will be doing all my stuff in the automated learning group.

Other than the job, a bunch of other things happened over the past month. I'll just quickly list them here. Sold my old IBM laptop, bought an Apple Powerbook, new Deftones record came out, got Raven Shield, and finally saw a bunch of amazing Half-Life 2 videos from E3. Some of my big plans for the summer are to upgrade my main computer to Pentium 4, install Gentoo, and (hopefully) release another record on my record label.

And lastly, I just quickly moved all the entries you see here into the MySQL database. Doesn't really change anything other than the front page won't be as long now.