Taffy is Delicious

Hooray! The data mining paper I was a part of earlier this year got accepted for VLDB 2003, one of the premier database conferences around. The conference is in September and is held in Germany. With this publication, my M.S. thesis will follow sort of naturally. Can't wait to start working on that.

In other news, all my final projects are coming towards the end now. So the next couple of weeks is going to be brutal. I got this awesomeDillinger Escape Plan 7" a week or two ago. On one side, two tracks start almost next to each other so you have put the needle down very carefully to listen to each song. On the other side, one of the songs start at the middle of the record. For some reason, my record player doesn't like it when I move the needle towards the middle so I haven't even heard the song yet. O well.. I guess I'll just get the EP or something. And lastly, I got an advance of the new Shai Hulud, ``That Within Blood Ill Tempered''. It's the most excellent.